Sunshine State, Seamless Delivery: Top-Rated Logistics Solutions in Florida

Florida’s booming economy and strategic location demand a robust logistics network. At Ziptruck, we are your one-stop shop for comprehensive Logistics Solutions In Florida. We leverage Florida’s extensive infrastructure, from world-class ports to a vast transportation network, to ensure your goods reach their destinations efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you’re managing domestic shipments or navigating international trade, our team of experts is here to streamline your supply chain and empower your success.

Logistics Solutions In Florida

Outstanding Services

Zip Truck is a Florida based 3rd Party Logistics Company created to fill the need for outstanding service, reliability and competitive prices to freight forwarders in the marketplace.

From the beginning, we have remained loyal to our belief that: “We exist thanks to each of our customers small and large, and that to build long-lasting relationships we must begin by understanding our client’s business, their needs and especially the value of their time.” Over a decade has passed and this continues to be the focal point of our operation. We are proud to say that the difference between then and now is our outstanding performance record, a long list of great customer relationships, and a superb Zip Truck team with over 30 years of combined transportation expertise.

Whether you are a new or an existing customer we can offer you our outstanding, competitive and reliable prices with the best carriers in the marketplace.

Our success and track record have also enabled us to service indirect air carriers, NVOCC, Airlines, Steamship Lines and Customs House Brokers.

We have dominated the language in each of these industries and have handled a vast variety of commodities, cargo, and machinery giving us the reputation of “nothing too small to handle or too big to carry”.